Class on DOOM Beats

by A-Class

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Shouts to Chase, MINT247, and everybody who listens or downloads this



released July 9, 2015

Recorded at Dirty Burbz Studio in Columbia MD



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Track Name: Penny Peasant

What type of drug did the kid lace it/ see me sharp off the wrist like Gillette braclet/ brushing $100 bills off my shoulder faded/ we getting money on the low like Ralph Lauren made it/ couple bitches walk past/ hoes mostly blinded all they see is a solar flash/ step back see my Nike prints on a polar cap/ I'm growing colder at/ these battle rappers audition for the open smack/ I show you where the times is goin at/ they all follow social app/ scovals acid its A-Classic see me on flat screen plasma/ and I'm on the low like Atlanta/ can't fuck with me and my whole flow tantra/ I'm no costanza/ mint mix lean with the ice cold fanta/ fuck the police we a give um no answer/

I'm on the low (I'm on the low wit it)

I'm on the low (He on the low wit it)

I'm on the low (We on the low with it)

I'm on the unknown

roll the smoke hit it

I'm on the low with it

I'm unknown

I'm a beast and you garbage/ I got a feast for the harvest/ i give a fuck about being an artist/ this shit is rap and I'm starving/ I eat your food if you take your eyes off it/ better not chill temperatures high often/ so hot see a thick mirage off him/ while you sleep on me I live my dreams while I'm walking/ spill your blood just to make a red carpet/ no electric slide a thousand watts when I'm talking/ I just spark it/ and then i shake like vibrant thing it goes on and on and on and/ unknown but I shine like reflective Jordans/ could be the prize of expensive auctions/ where's your click I run for like office/ getting fried like thick batter Kenny Lofton/ winter time getting Steve Austined/ particularly/ the cigars we dead a pack/ flossin

I'm on the low I'm on the low wit it

I'm on the low He on the low wit it

I'm on the low We low with it

I'm unknown

roll the smoke hit it

I'm on the low with it

I'm unknown
Track Name: Accord He In feat. Bubby

Inside a 747 paid/ always give me chills like escapade/ gold grills get swoll still catch a fade/ we was doing drugs at a tender age/ it's all Gucci lemonade/ what you know about doing acid in the 7th grade/ we in the cut getting money severance pay/ deliver pieces of the pie then we slide out/ laying with a piece of ass like its hide out/ when smoking you a ho you only pulling dimes out/ don't even talk about hoes we only pulling dimes out/ y'all clowns get caught sing like ad libs on Amy Winehouse/ while I'm spitting tundras til I'm iced out/ thick hundreds kid humble I don't hype out/ killers don't even take shots put the site down/ see me in a brand-new ultraviolet light now/ classical like rude boy got a nice style/ the battle scene watch me put a bright kids lights out/ high off hybrids Im huarache flight bound/ y'all not fans of Jordan y'all should put the mike down/ clean whip bunch of trees that's my night out/ knifes out/ sharp like walking with Spizikes out/ y'all rock sandals/ my 5 panels camo/ anvil over head lines get dropped on an angle/ I'm smoking trees on a boat change channel/.


Words flow time changes progressive stages/ ensure you with life's problems/ how do I solve them/ young nigga cool as the A/C/ back when hip hop cassettes was out with a CD's/ family was much stronger grandma baby destined to win/ live in Long Reach roam around the winds/ grandma sick watch how disease attack the innocent/ diabetic force my love to inject the insulin/ Peggy so strong we had some good times/ but the pain she had inside brought her to her demise/ and I never cried so much in my life/ bring it back dry your eyes and get it right/ three years been drinking off of alcohol/ half of my family is locked down behind bars/ so I pray and give it all to the lord and put family first/ til I disperse and rise up from the earth Im gone/.
Track Name: Artemisia

We most faded/ piece to the plug you can see me in the spaceship/ KA's never tell get away with/ while yall homies in a rat pack like Sammy Davis/ MD no hospital patient/ Dodge around fiends like an obstacle matrix/ y'all get popped no pregnant/ stay in your lane why you drive so negligent/ I get my fam half price at the stadium/ he ain't really have the piff like he say he did/ Ima take this shot like 380 and/ they found me on the rocks no Jamison/ y'all get out foxed no Jamie then/ I hit it twice then I passed out/ she like you know I love you then I laughed out/ you my heart too Anastasj/ when we robbed two motherfuckers with the Canon aimed/ put it to your face no Mary Kay/ make sure that shit clear Perrier/ at the precinct y'all do serenades/ we I crack Rello's put mushrooms in the parrot Bay/ then skate off like Mike Vallely/ & we higher than the Eiffel barely/ in your chest two bright canaries/ ho better keep your wife from near me/ y'all don't want war like I'm an Aries/ I seen your chick and that hype is scary/ I slap it up then I pipe it dearly/ put it in the air and the height can vary/ then buy a shot like a rifle near me/ my hand style like I write Isralei/ what it look like family silhouette shine till you can't see/ fuck about your whole entire fam y'all can't eat/ plus you rock all the old-fashion antique/ canteen and green doing land speeds/ with the head she a pro Pantene/ have dreams doing dances on the mezzanine/ two for one by the sun what I tell a fiend/ KA's in the Acura/ all chrome paint doing fades on the aqueduct/ I put flames in the aperture/ all my close friends characters/ trying to ball when I walk we out of state travelers/ classica chest out like Pamela/ panaramica you all around get darangered/ no squares foot in my area/ perfect slide up the banister/ bmore taking flights back from Canada/.
Track Name: Rhymestoned Loudboy feat. Teddy Faley
Teddy Faley

Waiting on a full moon/ drinking til I can't thinking up root/ looking for a good drug to fuck to/ its a good time to get high and both cry uncle/ so I grabbed her by her daddy issues and we both cuddled/ I just bought a couch homie/ aint too much to say about that but I'm proud homie/ I get drunk and be like what the fuck you bout homie/ you get drunk and try to get to know me/ she said you funny on the internet/ (say word)/ said you lucky I aint bigger yet/ now watch me smoke my cigarette/ that bar sitter/ got bars with barbed innards/ and cards up arms/ hidden in part by sharp splinters/ It's a good time for bad people/ In the bathroom stall trying to find my faces keyhole/ got a beak like a beagle/ I sleep on the street cause i live life illegal/ I mean I sleep on the street cause I cant find my keys/ so I'm all up in the function/ drunk and aint slept in months and/ I keep a clip full of assumtions/ aint gonna rhyme the last bar of this with nothing/ (with anything)/.


Out in Cali seeing life through a glass jar/ shorties getting dug in like hacksaw/ minds so sharp Kung Lao say hats off/ Internet comments swipe get half off/ juice from the guava then some lava that Class talk/ in Calgary got some shatter bout to blast off/ they don't even smoke cigars I pull ash off/ my victim at the battle/ you fucking asshole/ ayo bitches always stay changing like they was made of Mistique/ I find a non-corporate place to eat/ to get two satisfied he will probably need an eighth for each/ put back up money on the young bull we will get paid for weeks/ monetize/ not the video the homicide/ watch your girl get the milk homogenized/ take take money switch blade qualified/ to leave your mind open like and Ayahuasca tribe/ Baltimore to Cali you can see Class house it/ dripping wet outlet/ cigarillos in NYC and papers in the bay yo I seen the most loudest/.
Track Name: Sinkfoil/Dabs In Calgary

True story/ they was bout to shoot in the clutch Robert Horry/ they had guns like Cory/ muafuckin police/ we was smoking/ bunch of wax/ had me looking like I'm sipping codeine/ out in Calgary this magic with out the alchemy/ the Calvary crept around at a Audi speed/ we just got back from dropping off ounces of tree/ at Fingaz house trying dab what have we shotguns and the fuzz surrounding/ sketch blew the smoke out/

"holy shit"

He need some Imodium quick/ Fingaz stood up/ the cop was moving slow as bitch/ I was just looking cause he they couldn't see me I could see um through the glass I ain't tryin to holla from the mosileuom/

Oh yo the reason I'm in Canada/ there's this dark skin punjabi kid/ smokes back woods full of purple wanna see me on the battle tip/ I flew out weed smoke on my fabric print/

And now there's to polices/ with a shotgun looking two toned peeped it/ move over or eat it this would entail/ demolition Man I don't want shit with the shells/ they put their hands up I did as well/ we walked outside saw two bitch cops sit in tail/ they aiming handguns across the street/ I want to see them with the hands cause them whores is weak/ I just walked forward/ thinking all fours/ yall whores/ fuck the law uh/ lady cop bend over let me touch the walls/ police got the upper hand cause the gun involved/ Class never run at all sure fire/ other two cops crept up on us real quiet/ me Fingaz and sketch menace real silent/ right before the cops trip psilocybin/

They like yo we getting calls that somebody over here got some heat yo/ I thinking to myself we know/ rob Roy rolled up in the joint looking like he did grand theft cheat code/

Fingaz explained to um we was shooting a music video's and the guns ain't here no more/ and they ain't care no more/ they knew we had trees and they ain't give a fuck/ if this was the states they would of shot us up/ all in the grill if you survive then they lock you up/ federal grant money for cops when they lock you up/ which means they tally up all the arrests made/ and send them into lawmakers for some extra pay/ and if you ever get killed they got everything in place/ they'll demonize the victim and the facts won't make a case/ they label you a felon for the dollars/ that's why I'm moving to Calgary its Alberta holla/.